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So like you already know, I love to make sex in extreme places, because I enjoy feeling the adrenaline all the time. Today I visited an old friend, and he was living on the 10th floor, so I took the elevator to go up to his flat. While I was inside the elevator waiting to stop, I remembered back to an amazing story, that I have to tell you now. I cannot remember the exact details of the hotel Ьщысщц, but I know for sure I was in a business trip with a very good friend, my friend with benefits to be honest. So we went to a conference, where we dressed both very elegant, I wore a sexy and attractive long blue dress, I captured the eyes of men and this was the goal anyway. I think some of them recognized me from my porn movies, but I didn’t care, because my friend with benefits was glad I was on his right. We were the most elegant couple in the conference, because he was dressed in a black tails, and white shirt, like a real gentleman. Our conference ended around 10 pm, so we went to a bar to drink a cocktail, and we were celebrating the success of his business. Around 1 am, we took a taxi, and we started kissing hard, and he was fingering me in the taxi, while I was playing with his cock. We were very horny, and when we arrived to our hotel’s elevator, I had a great idea. Let’s have sex in the elevator. He accepted my challenge without hesitating, so we were going up and down with the elevator, but just till the 1st floor, because we didn’t want to have problems with the guys who were staying in the lobby. I started to undress him when the elevator started, and on the 3rd floor, his cock was in my mouth. Generally, I started to play with his balls, but this time, because I was so, so horny, I started with a long deep throat. I was looking deep in his eyes, where I could see the signs of pleasure. He was moving my head deeper and deeper and faster as well. We made our tour with the elevator twice, when he told me he wants to lick my pussy too, so he pulled aside my bikini, and he licked my wet pussy, with circular movements. He always knows what to do with me. I was so horny, I stopped him and I took down his shirt. Then he told me that he wants to fuck me hard in the pussy and in my ass, but not in the elevator. So when we arrived back to the 7th floor, we stopped the elevator and half naked, we ran till our room. We were laughing hard. I think someone saw us, because a door opened when we entered into our room, but we didn’t care. What happened in the room… I let your to imagine the whole story. Till next time, sweet kisses.